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King Stone is known as the "China ceramic pottery" reputation of Guangdong Foshan, is a large-scale, modernized large-scale building ceramics enterprises. "Emperor stone one" ceramic is a strong brand of emperor stone Ceramics Co., Ltd., has been focused on the production and sale of marble tiles. The company is located in Qingyuan...
  • 2017-06-12 More than one hundred ceramic production lines a year The day before, the 2017 India international ceramics industry exhibition ended, ceramic industry almost all well-known international companies have participated in the exhibition, including the number of Chinese and European companies than last year increased by about 20%. The reason is mainly because the ceramic industry upstream enterprises have found a "blue ocean" market, the rapid rise of the Gujarat region of India mobile. According to incomplete statistics, in 2015, India nearly 60 new ceramic production lines, in 2016 this data increased to more than 100. Many industry insiders even predict that in 2017, the pace of expansion of India ceramic industry will remain the momentum of last year, the number of new production lines or re break 100. In the industry view, the status quo and development of India ceramics industry in 1990s now the China is in crazy expansion of production capacity, the development of space, but the industry chain supporting not complete, independent production capacity of Ceramic Equipment Co., is highly dependent on imports of ceramic enterprises; enterprise strength, brand influence, "high" "low" disparity, product quality is uneven in quality...... "This is a high-speed development, but also a very extensive market". Just returned from India exhibitors have expressed such industry. As the saying goes, "know thyself, know yourself". Today, India has become the focus of the target market China ceramic machine enterprises, in order to capture the market in India, we must have a comprehensive understanding of this emerging ceramic producing areas.
  • 2017-06-12 China Fortune Ceramic City held the first spring tile Fair The first ceramic tile fair of China Fortune Ceramic City was held on March 12th - 13 at the front square of Yiwu Commodity City, Zibo. The exhibition is sponsored by the China tile wealth Ceramic City, Zibo TV station, Zibo traffic radio arts channel, luzhongchenbao, Zibo evening news, Zibo daily, China ceramic news and other media launched a grand new spring tile exhibition. Chinese wealth Ceramic City, from the city to pick out a number of outstanding brands come to the exhibition, Mona Lisa, Kadiya, Wang Zhuo, Meikailong, folunsi, Shuangqing ceramic brands come to the exhibition, they take their manufacturers 2011 latest tiles in front of the vast number of consumers to buy Tile appearance, for the majority of customer needs renovation to provide more choices. Two days of fairs, the scene was hot, came to see bricks, consulting customers flocked, exhibitors also brought beautiful gifts on the spot.
  • 2017-06-12 Home decoration how to choose the right wall tiles? Why does some bathroom wall tiles splash a little water and change color? Our high-rise bathroom is a unified decoration, bathroom wall tiles splash a little water will change color, and a few days to become a normal color, in addition to unsightly, but also worried about a long time, dry one wet, and the glaze will fall. For water absorption rate of more than 10% national ceramic standard 5 kinds, namely GB/T4100/5:1999 water absorption rate is greater than 10%, and there is no upper limit, countries have not established the 5 kinds of bricks for what place is this qualified ceramic tile? Toilet wall tiles change color is mainly high water absorption, it contains high ceramic components, poor rigidity, this wall tiles will be affected by the climate, but cracked glaze, broken and so on, so there will be color change, generally do not choose! To choose the class to buy clinker! On the market, a wide variety of wall tiles, rich colors, attention should be paid at the choice: First, according to their own preferences and the layout of the field, from the wall tiles of brand, specifications, color selection. Two, buy brick and tile, should pay attention to its anti crack and strength, good quality wall tiles low water absorption, anti glaze crack good, choose and buy in its back drop a drop of water, see the water absorption speed, water absorption is slow better. Generally good, will not appear color change situation. Three, to see if the surface is smooth, whether there is no uneven thickness of the pinhole. When you buy, you can tap and listen to the sound, the more crisp the sound, indicating high density and good hardness. Four, look at the color, the selection will be placed outside the tile 0.8m, color patterns consistent. Some of the color of the wall tiles are somewhat different, so after the paste is also easy to change like the color of the wall tiles. Five, the size should be standard, uniform size, uniform thickness, the choice of a box in which to smoke a few pieces of competition. See if it's the same. Six, consumers buy Bricks and tiles must pay attention to whether it indicates in line with the state promulgated green health standards such as signs or text, do not buy "three noes" wall tile products. Experts recommend buying wall tiles in three steps: The first step: to determine the use of tiles. Did you buy the wall tiles in the kitchen, bathroom or living room? Determine this most basic condition before you make a choice. The second step: according to technical indicators to determine whether tiles meet the requirements. Fit (also called wear-resisting tiles) that is easy to wear degree of wear-resistant tile first degree level was the lowest, generally used for display, wall and few activity places; II grade ceramic tile is mainly used for bathroom, bedroom does not have hard friction in the environment; the third degree for the frequent movement of personnel place tiles such as the living room, kitchen, etc.; grade ceramic tile with high abrasion resistance, very suitable for use in the luxury residential hall, corridors and public places; V generally has super wear resistance, for the family environment, such as the airport, station etc.. The third step: consult the tile's anti acid and alkali properties, in order to choose the appropriate cleaning agent, to prevent the glaze from being contaminated.
  • 2017-06-12 China's contemporary art ceramics debut in Belgium April 12th, in Belgium, capital of Brussels, China Cultural Center, Belgium ceramic art lovers to watch exhibits. Beijing, April (Xinhua) 18 Chinese ceramic artists jointly held the "new porcelain - Chinese contemporary art ceramics exhibition" at the China Cultural Center in Brussels, Belgium, 12, 13. 50 exhibits of different shapes reflect the new features of Chinese contemporary art ceramics. Chen Haibo, director of planning, the Ministry of culture Chinese culture media group art assessment committee of Shanghai workstation of the exhibition said: "I hope this exhibition can open the Belgian audience attention and cognition on China contemporary ceramics, which are not familiar with the China ceramic culture audience understand, make known China ancient ceramics of the audience, to break the limitations, there are the chance to see the new contents and works." According to reports, as early as sixteenth Century, Chinese ceramics will be introduced into Europe, the local people's favorite. For the ancient ceramic history of China for thousands of years, the development of Chinese contemporary art ceramics has just been a hundred years. Meanwhile, Chinese ceramics have experienced unprecedented breakthroughs, innovations and developments in the process of inheritance and preservation. As a matter of fact, Belgium and ancient Chinese porcelain have long been attached to each other. In 1900, Chinese Bajiaoting palace and King Leopold S of Belgium will participate in the French Paris on World Expo to buy, and relocation of Beijiao palace in Imperial Garden in Brussels. Later, the Chinese palace was used to collect Chinese ceramics. It is reported that there are not only a lot of exquisite Chinese traditional porcelain in the collection, but also many imported custom wares which directly imported from China and painted Western European style since seventeenth Century.
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